• Congratulations for the successful event ! I heard from Roxana ''it was great 'specially the high profile speakers !!! Bravo…

      Kezia Da Rocha, Director of Marketing & Quality Assurance
    • Great panellists, great experience. Would love to keep in touch.

      SHOBU KAPOOR, British actress
    • I'm writing this email to send my great appreciation to you and the whole organization members who gave great effort to create the success for the congress, thank you all for choosing me to be awarded in this event, as I was honored to meet you all, we had greet time for my first visit to Mumbai

      SONIA S AHMED ALHASHMI, Honorary member and former chairperson of Emirates Down Syndrome Association, Emirates Down Syndrome Association
    • It was a pleasure meeting you and the team at the World HRD Conference 2018 at the TajLands End Mumbai. I would like to thank you again for your excellent management of what I feel has turned out to be a highly successful event. The event indeed was very interesting and I am sure everyone who attended the event must have told you this. Such a conference involves enormous amounts of time and energy and you and the team must have been working so hard lately for everything to fall in place as it has. I would also like to personally thank you with the way you managed everything in regards to me attending the event.

      I would request if you could please send me the link for the photos and videos of the conference especially the ones related to "100 Most Influential Global HR Leaders" award.

      Thank you once again and wishing you all the very best in your future endeavors.

      Vikas Mishra, Head-International HR, Mawarid Mining LLC.
    • Thank you for the honor and for capturing those moments beautifully in these pictures. I remain a humble servant in the service of humanity. Best regards to you and to all. Again, thank you for the pleasure of being recognized for my humble efforts.

      MASSOUDA JALAL , Founding Chairperson , Jalal Foundation and Former Minister of Women, Afghanistan
    • Firstly I would love to say THANK YOU for the wonderful day at the awards on the 14th. It was an honour to be amongst such beautiful, intelligent and accomplished women. I made amazing contacts! An experience I will treasure forever! Thank you

      FARAH FORTUNE , Managing Director , African Star Communications
    • Thank you for organizing an insightful event last week. The corporate comm dept. is would like to get access to the names of the award winners as well as the pictures taken at the event. Could you assist me on this? Thanks,

      DR. DEWI AMAT SAPUAN , Director , Bureau for Excellence in Research and Teaching (BERT) Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (UNIRAZAK)
    • Thank you very much for recognizing our contribution. I am privileged with honor. I believe in continuously upgrading myself and to do so read lot of research in Human Resource field. Keen observer of Leadership Styles/actions and its impact on organizational growth and employees engagement. I share my observations, good reading and own experiences in various forums as speaker or panelist. I will be very happy to be part of any such forums organized or known to you. Warm Regards

      ANITA BORULKAR , Associate Vice President Human Resource , Sandvik Asia Private Limited
    • Many thanks for the lovely pictures and for organizing such an amazing event celebrating women. I truly enjoyed being part of such a terrific meeting and feel humbled with the award. Best regards,

      POONAM MUTTREJA , Executive Director , Population Foundation of India
    • Congratulations to you and your team for an event very well organized. I salute you!!!! Thank you once again. May you be blessed with strength and good health to continue your good work! Regards

      SHANAAZ PREENA , Director , Women Go Beyond / Womens' Advocacy l MAS CAPITAL (PVT) LTD
    • The event was masterfully organized and I was very moved by your opening remarks. It is a wonderful lasting memory. I wish you all the best & will keep in touch. Best regards,

      MOIRA CULLEN , Vice President , Global Beverage Design l PepsiCo, Inc.
    • I am proud of being honered by the award. I appreciate your efforts for the enpowerment of woman, and sustainability. Regards

      PROF. DR. SEMRA ULKU , Former Rector(1998-2006 ) , Izmir Institute of Technology
    • I was overwhelmed by the inspiring stories of the women leaders present at the awards as also the challenges combatted by them in coming up the hard way. It was indeed an honour to be part of the such an august group. Having stayed with Banking and Financial services all my life, stories of true women leadership are far and few. I would like to especially thank you for choosing to honour me and the warmth shown at the function. I congratulate you on the exemplary work done by your organisation and particularly your mentoring and leadership in the space. Best Regards,

      NAVITA YADAV , Chief Executive Officer , IL&FS Trust Company Ltd
    • I want to congratulate you and your team on a successful event…it was very well attended – impressive! It was a pleasure and honour to win the Women Leadership Award 2014.

      KAVITA LAKHANI , President, Linopinion & Executive Vice President , Lowe Lintas
    • I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for the Award I received and appreciate for organizing such a distinguished global event, WORLD WOMEN LEADERSHIP CONGRESS, my congratulations to you. It was a pleasure meeting all of you and exchanging ideas celebrate the successes and accomplishments of many leaders. With Best Regards

      VIDYANI HETTIGODA , Director , Hettigoda Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
    • I have been meaning to write to you to say a few words..! I knew there is this person called Dr. Raju Bhatia who founded the world CSR Day and is highly recognized as one of the best people consulting in the corporate and education world. There was more I found out about you in the event, your humility and the ability to have deep connect with people. I got the urge to know more about you, so my dear friend Google, helped me telling; who you really are..?!. I was really enamored reading how you started your career, the lovely hardship you went through..! I am more of a bigger fan of you now. Your story taught me to be more humble, and have started believing more that if there is a will there is surely a way............. I wish to thank you once again for recognising my work at such an early stage .Being listed with so many achievers on a global platform, I am motivated to work more to reach yet greater heights. Sincerely,

      SHEETAL K. MEHER, Founder & Director, Innocent Heroes Foundation